Jenny Clark


Presentation, Seminar & Webinar Topics

Create a hands-on experience for your team by having Jenny develop a custom Sensory Processing Disorder workshop. Listed below are workshops that cover many of the relevant topics for SPD developed by Jenny.

Sensory Success in Childhood Occupations for High Functioning Autism

This course will discuss sensory system dysfunction and how this impacts success in childhood occupations; sleeping, eating, hygiene, and playing for children with High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder (HFASD).


Growing Up in a Sensory World: Sensory Strategies for Young Children in Everyday Life

Join us in this course and learn how to help infants and toddlers and their families cope with the struggles of sensory processing disorder in their daily activities of life.


Healthy Bodies & Healthy Minds: Therapeutic Strategies for Promoting Wellness in Children

Experience an exciting and fun new course by Jenny L. Clark, OTR/L as she teaches therapists innovative ideas to integrate health and wellness strategies into the daily lives of children and youth who struggle with childhood disorders that impact emotional regulation, attention span, problem solving skills, social interactions, and physical health.


Learn to Move, Move to Learn: Evidence-Based Neuroscience Foundations in Sensory Processing Disorder

Research reveals that 1 in 6 children have sensory processing disorder (SPD). Current evidence in sensory processing points to a neurological basis for this disorder.