Jenny Clark


Utilizing Pediatric Assessment Tools to Achieve Effective Outcomes

Course Chapters & Learning Objectives:

Evaluation Tools and Techniques

Systematic and Comprehensive Evaluation Process

Putting It All Together: Case Examples Part One

Putting It All Together: Case Examples Part Two

Course Description

Choosing assessment tools and using clinical reasoning to pinpoint a treatment plan for effective outcomes can be challenging for pediatric occupational and physical therapists. In this course, clinicians will learn to develop a large repertoire of pediatric therapy assessment strategies in order to individualize the evaluation process for each child. Interpreting assessment results involves combining results from standardized test scores, clinical observations, and teacher/parent/caregiver input, then using deductive reasoning to synthesize deficits into a cohesive report that addresses participation in childhood occupations. This course provides clinicians with skills to individualize the selection of appropriate assessments, interpret results, and develop an effective intervention program.