Jenny Clark


Autism Spectrum Disorder: Childhood Sensory Success

Course Chapters & Learning Objectives:

Examine sensory systems and the impact of dysfunction on children with HFASD.

Discuss current research that addresses evidence-based practices for children with HFASD.

Understand neurological differences in the brains of children with HFASD and how this impacts childhood occupations.

Develop a repertoire of sensory interventions for children with HFASD that facilitate successful independence with activities of daily living.

Course Description

This course will discuss sensory system dysfunction and how this impacts success in childhood occupations such as sleeping, eating, hygiene, and playing for children with High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder (HFASD). Current research will be examined in order to determine effective evidence based interventions for children with HFASD. Learners will glean information for practical strategies addressing activities of daily living for HFASD. Sensory simulations will help participants understand the struggles children with HFASD experience, and case examples will be utilized to enrich the learning experience.